🏹Webhooks & Zapier Integration

Zapier let’s you move member data from Eartho to hundreds of other applications, or data from those applications right back to Eartho without code. View the Zapier Eartho page here.

How to connect your Zapier account to Eartho

  1. Create or log into your Zapier account.

  2. Create a new zap and search for Eartho.

  3. Zapier will ask you to input an API key from Eartho. You'll find that key on the Settings page of your project.

☝ ‍IMPORTANT: Keep your API key safe! If you share it with the wrong people, they can use it to access your account.


Triggers are how you can start automated workflows whenever something happens in Eartho. New members, profile updates, plan cancellations, and deletions are triggers that provide essential data you can pass to another application.

  • New Connection

    • Triggers when a new member’s account is created.

    • Returns the member id, email, metadata, and custom fields that contain data.

    • It DOES NOT contain passwords or plan information.

  • New Disconnection

    • Triggers when a member’s plan is canceled / Triggers when a member is deleted.

    • Returns the same data as New Member.

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