👱‍♂️Manage User Profile Data With Eartho

Eartho's user management system provides a seamless way to handle user profile data within your application and sync it across your apps. By integrating Eartho, you can easily create, retrieve, update, and delete user profile information while ensuring the security and privacy of user data. This document will guide you through the process of managing user profile data with Eartho. Getting Started

Before you can manage user profile data with Eartho, you need to integrate Eartho's user management system into your application.

Once you have successfully integrated Eartho, you can access user profile data using the provided SDKs and APIs. Let's dive into the various operations you can perform on user profile data. Updating / Delete User Profile Data To update user profile data in Eartho, you can use the update method provided by the Eartho SDK. The update method allows you to update specific fields or attributes of a user's profile.

Here's an example of how to use the update method:

const user = earthoOne.user.update({ data });

Make sure to replace userId it with the actual user's identifier and data with the updated profile data.

After executing the update method, Eartho will validate the provided data and update the corresponding fields in the user's profile. The updated user profile data will be returned as a result.

Get User Profile Data An example of how to use the get method:

const user = earthoOne.user.get();

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