2️⃣Step 2 - Create your first access point with payments

Let's get started! This guide will help you implement Eartho's payment methods. If you're new to them, all the details are available here.

Before You Begin:

  • Familiarize yourself with Eartho's payment options. Click Here.

  • Ensure you have completed "Step 1" and connected your Stripe account to Eartho. Click Here.

  • Make sure you are familiar with access points and how to create them. Click Here.

Creating Access Points with Payments:

Access points can serve basic functions like a login gateway or facilitate more exclusive access through premium upgrade gateways.

For example, a service that enables users to enhance their text with AI might include three access points: a basic login access point for standard functionality, and two premium access points for an upgraded experience.

Quick Steps to Create an Access Point:

  1. Go to Eartho Creators.

  2. Select your project.

  3. Create Your First Access Point with Payments.

Once your project is set up, navigate to "Add Access Point" on the project page.

In the Create Access Page, you will notice three sections, as each access point consists of three parts:

  • Access Metadata: This section includes details about what is offered, conditions of access, and other relevant information that defines the scope and nature of the access.

  • Access Trust: This part outlines the processes and requirements necessary to build trust among the participants. For example, you might request a verified email, phone number, or face verification from your users.

However, our primary focus is on:

  • Access Terms: These terms define the exchange conditions, specifying what must be provided in return for access. This could include monetary payments or other valuable items.

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