1️⃣Step 1 - Set up a payment account

This guide walks you through setting up your payment account in Stripe Connect, which Eartho integrates with to facilitate secure and efficient transactions for your subscription business.

Before You Begin:

Setting Up Your Stripe Connect Account

  1. Go to Eartho Creators: Open your account at Eartho Creators

  2. Go To Finance Tab: In the left menu, find the "finance" tab and click on it.

  3. Open Stripe "Set up page": Find the card of "Payout Options" and click on Connect to start the process of getting a payout with Stripe. You would need to provide those details:

    • Account details: Provide your business name and contact information.

    • Bank details: Routing/account number, bank name, SWIFT/BIC code (if international).

    • Company Details: Company info like legal name, tax ID, and website.

  4. Review and Activate: Once you've completed the configuration, carefully review the details and click Activate to enable Stripe for your account.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up your Stripe account within the Eartho platform.

Next Steps:

With Stripe Connect activated, you can proceed with integrating Eartho's subscription management features with your platform.

2️⃣Step 2 - Create your first access point with payments

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