No Code Backend

If you don't have a backend environment, you can use a no-code solution

If you don't have a backend, you can use Eartho in non-code environments as well.

The integration with Firebase empowers you to utilize Eartho to generate a valid authentication token to be sent to Firebase Auth. This integration allows you to harness Eartho's prebuilt components, authentication provider options, and additional functionalities, all while accessing Firebase products such as Firestore with a session authenticated by Firebase Auth.

1. Create a certificate file in Google

Generate a private key file in JSON format from Firebase accounts

  1. Open this URL Service Accounts

  2. Follow this video

2. Tell Eartho that you use Firebase Auth

Open our creators' dashboard 1. Pick the selected entity 2. Go to the security tab 3. Select Firebase environment 4. Upload the JSON file you created 5. Click Save and you're done 🎉

3. Authenticate with Firebase on Using a Custom

  • More Info Android

  • More Info Swift

    Login with firebaseAuth.signInWithCustomToken Example:

        onSuccess = { result ->
                .addOnCompleteListener(this) { task ->

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