Eartho Ideology & Concepts


At Eartho, we believe in creating a world where access to resources is seamless, secure, and efficient. Our ideology revolves around simplifying and enhancing the way entities interact by providing robust solutions for authentication, authorization, and integrated payments. We aim to empower developers and users alike, making complex processes intuitive and straightforward.

After 30 years of using the internet, users don't need to use another registration page. The digital landscape is full of platforms requiring new accounts and passwords, frustrating users, and hurting conversion rates. Eartho's solutions streamline access management, offering a unified and secure system that makes accessing resources effortless.

Today, businesses and developers spend about $20,000 a month to manage 1 million users. We believe that by offering a unified solution that benefits both users and developers, we can create a win-win situation for everyone. Developers will get free infrastructure, and users will enjoy the seamless experience they deserve.

Core Concepts

1. Access Points: The Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Access Points are the cornerstone of Eartho's innovative access management system. They serve as the gateways through which entities offer their valuable resources to others, creating a seamless and dynamic exchange system. Imagine a world where every interaction is a carefully crafted experience, accessible through a simple, secure gateway.

  1. Access Metadata: This is the essence of what is being offered. It includes detailed information about the resource, the conditions of access, and other critical details.

  2. Access Trust: Trust is the foundation of every interaction. This component ensures that all exchanges are secure and reliable. Through verifications(KYC, 2 Factor auth, and more..), ratings, and reviews, Eartho builds a network of trust that empowers users to engage with confidence.

  3. Access Terms: These are the terms of the exchange. Whether it's a monetary transaction, data sharing, or service usage, the access terms define what each party brings to the table, creating a balanced and fair trade.

Example Use Cases:

  • Login Access Point: A secure gateway to the core functionalities of your app.

  • Premium Access Point: An exclusive pass to premium features, elevating the user experience to new heights.

2. Spaces: Crafting Unique Worlds of Interaction

Spaces in Eartho's ecosystem are the unique worlds where interactions occur. Each space is a realm of possibilities, encapsulating multiple access points and creating isolated environments tailored to specific needs. Spaces are where your vision comes to life, offering a customizable and organized structure for all your resources.

Key Features:

  • Isolation: Each space acts as a secure container, ensuring that data and access points remain distinct and protected.

  • Hierarchy: With the ability to create subspaces, you can build nested and hierarchical structures to manage resources efficiently.

  • Customization: Each space can be tailored with its own set of access points, roles, and permissions, aligning perfectly with the unique requirements of each tenant or project.

Example Use Cases:

  • Website Space: A space for a website that contains access points for user login, content access, and admin control.

  • Project Space: A space for a project management tool that includes access points for team collaboration, task management, and reporting.

3. People: The Heartbeat of Interaction

People are the users who interact with access points and spaces within Eartho's ecosystem. They are the heartbeat of every engagement, playing roles that range from end-users consuming resources to administrators managing access and permissions.

Bringing It All Together

Eartho's ideology and core concepts work in harmony to create a comprehensive framework for managing access and resources across multiple tenants and user types. This approach simplifies authentication, authorization, and payments, making it easier for developers to focus on creating great user experiences.

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